Mac Power Users 204: Presentations: A MacSparky Field Guide

In case you’ve been under a rock, my pal David Sparks very successfully launched a new MacSparky Field Guide all about Presentations. We tackle the topic of presentations on the latest episode of Mac Power Users, why most presentations suck, how you can make sure yours don’t (hint: buy David’s book) and a little behind the scenes about how he made the book.

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Mac Power Users 203: TextExpander

This week on Mac Power Users, David and I sit down to dive deep into one of our favorite apps, TextExpander. We talk about what TextExpander does, and then discuss various use cases for TextExpander from basic to advanced. Although Smile is a long-time sponsor of Mac Power Users, this show has been “on the list” since the early days of MPU and Smile had no input or advance knowledge of this show.

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Mac Power Users 202: MPU Live: Getting Started, Extending Wi-Fi, Travel Tips, Evernote & More

Last Saturday was the first Saturday of the month which means it’s time for MPU Live. This week we had a show packed with feedback covering tips and tricks for using Evernote, how to travel internationally without getting hit with an unexpected data bill, extending your home Wi-Fi network and tips for getting started with productivity.

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Mac Power Users 201: Mac at Home, PC at Work

This week on Mac Power Users, David and I are joined by Gabe Weatherhead (aka macdrifter) to talk about a common problem, using a Mac at home but a PC at work. We talk about solutions for gaining access to your favorite Mac apps or their data on your PC and how to stay productive in a “slider” environment.

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Mac Power Users 200: The Story So Far…

David and I reached another milestone with Mac Power Users, publishing Episode 200 this weekend. This episode is a retrospective. David and I talk a bit about how we came to the Mac platform, the origins of the show, how we create an episode of Mac Power Users and answer a few listener questions. This episode is a sentimental one for me and ranks up among my favorites.

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New MacSparky Field Guide: Presentations

My friend David Sparks has done it again. He’s releasing another Field Guide, this time tackling the topic of Presentations. The new book explains how to plan and create an exceptional presentation that will connect with your audience. David will share his tips and tricks for creating a truly stunning presentation while walking you through presentation day to make sure it goes off without a hitch. Of course because it’s a MacSparky Field Guide the book contains more than 30 screencasts, audio interviews and other rich media assets.

The book is available for pre-sale now and will be shipping on July 21st. You should also check out the cool trailer that David and his daughter put together promoting the book.

ScreenCastsOnline Monthly Magazine: Creating A Comprehensive Backup Strategy

This month’s issue of ScreenCasts Online Monthly Magazine is now available in Apple’s Newsstand App. In the June issue you’ll find an article from me about creating a comprehensive backup strategy.

The monthly magazine is packed with streamable versions of Don’s excellent video tutorials as well as articles, reviews and tips from authors including David SparksAllison SheridanWally Cherwinski and more. The magazine is free for ScreenCasts online Premium Members or available as a separate subscription or you can pickup individual issues. You can download it in the AppStore or find more info at

LaunchBar 6 and Alfred

Todd Oltoff was a guest on MPU 189 to talk about OS X Server. He’s also an accomplished screen caster and recently has released a screencast comparing the new LaunchBar 6 to Alfred 2.

I have a long history with application launchers. LaunchBar was my first love, but I switched to Alfred 2 when it was released. I’ve been using the new LaunchBar 6 since it was in beta and I’ve now made the switch back to LaunchBar. Part of it is simply personal preference and the new interface, but I also feel with the release of version 6 the features of LaunchBar have matured to the point where they are now on par with or in some areas exceed Alfred 2.

David and I are planning to do a comprehensive launcher show featuring LaunchBar, Alfred and the new Spotlight after OS X Yosemite is released. For now you can review our prior Mac Power Users episodes on LaunchBar and Alfred 2and check out Todd’s Screencast.