Crippling the iPad mini is a Self-fulfilling Prophecy

Like many watching the Apple announcement last week, I was surprised and disappointed by Apple’s failure to bring a significant update to the iPad mini. I bought the retina iPad mini last year. Having owned both a full-sized iPad and a mini, I have a strong preference for the mini form-factor in a tablet and no desire for a phablet phone.

For starters, the iPad mini will fit in my purse, full-size iPad, even the super-slim iPad Air 2, will not. When I decide to take my iPad mini with me on the go, I don’t have to think about carrying a separate bag. Additionally, I find the iPad mini to be the perfect size for reading. It’s very comfortable to hold in one hand for long periods of time. In the year since I’ve purchased the iPad mini, I’ve read significantly more ebooks than in year prior. 

There is lots of speculation out there as to why Apple failed to give the iPad mini a comprehensive update along with the iPad Air. Maybe Apple feels the needs to keep separation in their product line between the two devices. (Though, I would argue that by keeping older iPads around they’ve only served to create more confusion.) Perhaps if the iPhone 6+ is a success, it is designed to take the place of the iPad mini all together in the future. Or maybe the iPad mini simply isn’t as profitable or popular and thus not as worthy of a significant update. For whatever reason Apple has chosen to relegate the iPad mini to second-class iPad status which, in my opinion, is simply setting it up for failure.

I guess I’m going to have to get a bigger purse, that’s all there is to it.

219: Getting Things Done with David Allen | Mac Power Users

David and I were honored to welcome the creator of the Getting Things Done method, David Allen, to Mac Power Users this week. David talk stop us about the GTD method and how it has evolved since 2001 when he originally published his book.

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On Macworld Expo...

Today I received an email blast from Paul Kent advising Macworld/iWorld was going on “hiatus” and would not be held in 2015. While this announcement was not entirely unexpected, it as devastating nonetheless. Macworld Expo has been around since 1985 and I’m a relative newcomer to the conference having only started attending in 2008. But I can honestly say it was the highlight of my year.

I’ve met some of my best friends at Macworld Expo. The genesis for Mac Power Users was born at Macworld Expo. The personal and professional relationships I’ve forged in those expo halls have forever changed the course of my life.

I hope that Paul and the rest of the IDG team will bring Macworld Expo back in some way. For now, I will seek other ways to engage in-person with my friends and colleagues in the Apple community.

To Paul and everyone else who participated or contributed to Macworld Expo, I say thank you for allowing me to be a part of this extraordinary community. I am so grateful for the experience.

You can read the announcement from IDG here.

218: MPU Live: A Festival of Skeuomorphism | Mac Power Users

Last Saturday was the first Saturday of the month which means it was time for MPU Live. That episode is now available in the feed. I always love these shows because they allow us an opportunity to check in with our listeners and cover a variety of topics we wouldn’t normally devote an entire show to. This week we talk with Luke Soules of iFixit about iPhone 6 repairability and also review listner tips and questions about security, eduction workflows, travel, automaton and more.

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217: iOS Automation with Federico Viticci | Mac Power Users

This week on Mac Power Users David and I are joined by Federico Viticci of MacStories to talk all about the state of iOS automation with iOS 8. Lots of great links to new apps, widgets and extensions in this episode.

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ScreenCastsOnline Monthly Magazine: My Favorite iOS 8 Features

This month’s issue of ScreenCasts Online Monthly Magazine is now available in Apple’s Newsstand App. In the October issue you’ll find an article from me about my favorite features of iOS 8.

The monthly magazine is packed with streamable versions of Don’s excellent video tutorials as well as articles, reviews and tips from authors including David SparksAllison Sheridan,Wally Cherwinski and more. The magazine is free for ScreenCasts online Premium Members or available as a separate subscription or you can pickup individual issues. You can download it in the AppStore or find more info at

216: iOS 8 Developer Roundtable | Mac Power Users

I’m really excited about this weeks episode of Mac Power Users. David and I do something a little different and invite a few of our favorite iOS developers on the show to talk about the process of preparing their Apps for iOS 8 and taking advantage of the new extensibility options. We are joined by Dave Teare of 1Password, Ken Case of OmniGroup and Greg Scown of Smile.

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215: iOS 8 | Mac Power Users

This week on Mac Power Users, David and I inadvertently enraged our listeners by invoking Siri on their phones multiple times during our discussion of iOS 8. Aside from that, we discussed some of the major changes and enhancements on iOS 8 and how we’re using the new operating system on our phones.

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