PDF Essentials For Lawyers

In Mac Power Users episode 230, The Power of PDFs, David and I were joined by attorney Ernie Stevenson to talk about how PDFs can be used for more than just viewing documents. Ernie mentioned in that episode he was releasing a new book, PDF Essential for lawyers. The book is now available and he's offering special introductory price of $4.97 for Mac Power Users listeners if you use this link.

The book is designed for lawyers, paralegals, legal secretaries, law students, and anyone in the legal profession who wants to improve their PDF handling skills, though the information could really be applicable to any field.

By the way, Jeff Richardson of iPhone JD has a nice review of the book, and the MPU episode.

Everfiler: Automate Sending Files to Evernote

I’ve written in the past about my workflow for using Hazel to tag documents and send them to Evernote. Ryan Anderson wrote me to tell me that he’s also been working on a script called Everfiler to automate the filing of documents to Evernote using Hazel and/or Automator. However, Ryan’s script has a couple of advantages. 

  1. It uses Evernote email function so that documents can be filed in the background. This means Evernote doesn’t even have to open and take over the screen while the filing happens. Great for a primary machine or home server.
  2. Ryan’s script converts OS X tags that are assigned to the document into Evernote tags.

Read more about Everfiler on Ryan’s blog.

229: MPU Live: I don’t do the Costanza thing | Mac Power Users

Last Saturday was the first Saturday of the month which means it was time for MPU live. We spoke with guest odd Olthoff about the enhancements to OS X server under Yosemite and followed-up on topic including iOS Apps, managing email and answered a number of listener questions about issues like NAS vs. home servers, preserving family memories and more. 

You can find the show on the MPU site or subscribe in iTunes or via RSS.

228: Rocket Science with Skip Owens | Mac Power Users

This week on Mac Power Users David and I chat with Skip Owens, a NASA scientist who uses his Mac to launch rockets to Mars. We’ve been corresponding with Skip for a while and this was an especially fun episode to learn a little behind the scenes of how our space program works 

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Macsparky Home Screens: Katie Floyd's iPad

Last week on Mac Power Users, David and I reviewed our iPhone home screens. We planned to talk about our iPads too, but we ran out of time. While we may revisit the topic of our iPad home screens on a future episode, David was kind enough to feature my iPad home screen on MacSparky.com this week. You can find the post here

Thanks, David!

227: Our iPhone Home Screens | Mac Power Users

This week on Mac Power Users, David and I share our iPhone home screens and explain why we choose the various apps. Since we recorded the show, Betaworks released their [#Homescreens](http://homescreen.is/) App which allows users to easily capture and share their iOS home screens. If you’re interested, why not post your iPhone home screen in our MPU Google Plus community? If you want to take a look and see how my home screen has changed since we recorded the show (on on November 23, 2014) here’s my current home screen.

You can find the show on the MPU site or subscribe in iTunes or via RSS.

ScreenCastsOnline Monthly Magazine: My Standing Desk Experiment

This month’s issue of ScreenCasts Online Monthly Magazine is now available in Apple’s Newsstand App. In the December issue you’ll find an article from me about my recent experiment with a standing desk workstation.

The monthly magazine is packed with streamable versions of Don’s excellent video tutorials as well as articles, reviews and tips from authors including David SparksAllison SheridanWally Cherwinski and more. The magazine is free for ScreenCasts online Premium Members or available as a separate subscription or you can pickup individual issues. You can download it in the AppStore or find more info at http://www.screencastsonline.com/magazine/

MacSparky's OmniFocus Video Field Guide

My pal David Sparks has released a new Field Guide, but this one is a screencast, not a book and it’s on a subject that’s near to my heart, OmniFocus. You may remember a couple years ago David produced an epic OmniFocus trilogy. I, and others, have been begging him to dig into OmniFocus version 2 and this new video series does not disappoint. 

This video Field Guide is a 2.5 hour screencast that takes you, soup to nuts, through OmniFocus including discussing the history of task managers, explaining how OmniFocus works, discussing how to capture, process, take action, and review your tasks, and of course throws in some MacSparky ninja tricks.

The screencast is fully bookmarked and available to purchase for $9.99. If you use OmniFocus or are thinking about it, you should check it out.